When two socks are not a pair

2 socks, but not a pair!

Yarn: Happy Feet
Needles: size 1 (the smaller ones, not the 1 1/2’s)
Pattern: loosely based upon the Harris Tweed socks
Feet: one of mine, one of Spencers!

This yarn comes in 50 gr. balls, so after realizing that I look ridiculous in socks that end mid-calf, I unraveled back to my perfect length (which is the exact same length as the foot of my sock when I fold it at the heel), and knit a Spencer sock. He was so geeked about it that when he caught me at the computer (on facebook. again.), he demanded, “Mama! Knit! Me sock!” lol I’ve created a monster (but the best kind!).

I also finally put the buttons on my friend Holly’s baby sweater. Her daughter’s name is Ivy, so the color was quite appropriate, although incidental. These were the greens that did not end up in her baby blanket! She would have had it weeks ago, but the matching hat did not behave nicely, so it was sent to “time out” many, many times. It was supposed to be all creme colored, but it was too small, when I reknit it, I ran out of yarn — then it was supposed to be a sunhat, but I couldn’t get that to work either. Finally we came to an understanding that included me knitting five small flower petals, which only took a minute or two each, and then sewing them on — which took quite a few minutes each (ugh, lol). But the effect was pretty, and Holly was happy, so it’s all good!

Baby Ivy's sweater & hat

The sides really do match up — it’s just my crummy photography that made it look wonky!

We’ve had a day of firsts here, or rather, Ian has! We finally got our act together and (Tim) put the training wheels on the bikes we picked up last fall, so…

1st "big kid" bike!

Aiden also tried a bike, but after not picking it up within the first 4.2 seconds he decided it was “stupid” and wanted to play video games (no, he doesn’t take after my husband at all… ;)). Ian also had another first — look at this!

1st tooth missing!

Which reminds me…after a few random links, I need to go discuss with my husband how generous the tooth fairy is going to be. There will be a precedent set tonight…3 kids X 20+ teeth…this is an important decision!

Random Links:

The most unexpectedly amazing singer. A woman I presume to call a friend with the most beautiful flickr pics (many of fantastic knitted/crafted projects!). Interweave Knits summer preview (some very knit-able pieces in there, imho). The Michigan Fiber arts fair…but not til the end of the summer! And an article about a fantastic program for teaching middle schoolers about the “real world.” (That one is a facebook link, not sure how it will work for those who aren’t members, sorry!).

G’night…and keep the house paint color suggestions coming! I liked maroon, but Tim immediately rolled his eyes when I told him…then again, that was probably mostly because he doesn’t want to paint at all! lol


8 thoughts on “When two socks are not a pair

  1. Congrats to Ian on the tooth!!!! In our house the first tooth always gets a dollar all the rest get a quarter! The sweater and hat set are adorable!!!!

  2. Ummm, do the biking and loss of tooth go together or is that just a coincidence?!!?

    Cute little sweater and hat. And how sweet that Spencer wants you to knit him socks. Fun project especially with those little feet!

    PS: LOVE red houses!!! but red is a b*tch to paint with.

  3. So were the new bike thing and tooth loss just a coincidence?? I hope so!!

    Cute that Spencer wants you to make him socks! How fun especially considering those feet are so small and sweet!

  4. Was the pirate sweater your own design? I love it and it would make a perfect first birthday gift for my neighbors little boy. I can’t seem to find an older post about the pattern so could you let me know? Sorry, I’m totally drugged up on painkillers right now.

  5. That baby sweater set is so cute! (also love the blanket and Skull sweater from your previous posts!)

    I’ve always wanted to go to that Michigan Fiber Fest too – maybe this year.

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