Look Ma, I sewed!

mb's b-day bag 1 mb's b-day bag 2

I had no choice, really — I needed something to put my friend’s 30th birthday present in! Mary Beth is one of my best friends; we met in 6th grade and by 7th were inseparable. So for her birthday I loaded the bag up with some of our old treats…crazy stuff like pickles and oil & vinegar chips — we used to watch the same movies over and over and over again. Anyone remember Kuffs? Man in the Moon? I’ll never forget the day we were watching Michelle & Romy’s High School Reunion and her (very conservative) parents came home. I swear we flinched every single time they swore; if you’ve ever seen it, you would know we probably looked like we had some seizure disorder…it was very, very bad. lol

Of course, being my best friend, she was also able to pointedly bring up her Christmas present…the daisy blanket I started sewing about a year ago.

daisy blanket

I may have to pull it out and finish it…or be razzed relentlessly (the things people can get away with when they’ve known you since you were 12).

On the knitting front…I’m avoiding 1: some finish work, 2: a heel turn, and 3: (most pathetic of all) picking up a piece of paper to write on so I can keep track of another project before I move on to the next part of it.

Instead I’ve been knitting an awesome market bag that hardly requires you even look at the pattern.

girlfriend's market bag

Just in time for Farmers Market season! πŸ™‚ I’ve already cast on & knit about 1/3 of another one, although it may end up being a gift.

I only have a couple random links tonight. Knitty’s Spring Surprises came out last week — I think Target is pretty darn cool! This other link is an absolutely beautiful homebirth that my La Leche League Leader found on YouTube. Be aware that although artfully done, it does show, well…childbirth — if this isn’t your kind of thing, then please don’t click! lol


3 thoughts on “Look Ma, I sewed!

  1. Honestly, when do you find the time? Do you sleep?? πŸ˜‰

    I love the bag and added it to my faves. I have a very old one similar to this but have just about worn it out. My favorite thing about these is you can toss it in the wash when it gets dirty, like last year when I forgot I had several eggs tucked inside and swung it back and forth on the walk home. Yuck.

    Cute sewing projects. Will you come and finish up mine when you’re done with yours?

    Beautiful birth video. I cried. I’m such a sap.

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