Life as a Mom

You find strange things in your pocket — with no memory of putting them there…


You get way too excited about ketchup sales…


And eventually, you lose your last remaining brain cells, and the only thing you can knit are mindless bags in pretty colors…

market bag V

market bag VI

Yes…number 7 is on the needles already…

My only redeeming knitting project is the new group project I just bought the yarn for:

new blanket

No more details as it’s a surprise for someone!

Just a couple quick random links — a video of one woman’s disturbing journey through anti-depressants/postpartum depression (or the lack there-of), and the danger of a new law to do with not so voluntary testing for postpartum depression. And then a cute shark attack hat that is an offshoot of the knitty dead fish hat from an issue or two ago…my husband actually found this — I think he wants me to knit a few for the boys…


4 thoughts on “Life as a Mom

  1. Those shark hats are stinkin’ cute!

    We also spend an unfortunate amount of our grocery budget on ketchup. They think it’s a food group. I love a good ketchup sale.

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