It’s a Wonderful Day in the Neighborhood…

…not to rip off a beloved child “entertainer,” but it really has…

thrune park 5

This is my favorite neighborhood park.

thrune park 4
(there’s actually a sand pit there)

thrune park 3 - spencer thrune park 2

thrune park 1

Fenced in all around, a nice little wading pool, a sand pit, great shade, a restroom & a water fountain…what more could a mom & 3 little goobers ask for? Oh, did I mention it was within walking/bicycling distance? Yea, we’re spoiled like that. 🙂

My little ones have been manning the camera of late, so I’m heavy on pictures of matchbox cars & cute little boy toes, and light on knitting pics…but there are a few!

tea cozy
Pattern: Vine Leaf Tea Cozy
For: My (half) sister’s Mom (she sent me a bunch of crochet cotton!! So I’m warming up some of her tea pots!)
Needles: Boye size 11’s — it was kinda fun knitting with huge & fat metal needles
Yarn: Loops & Threads Impeccable 100% acrylic worsted weight (held double) — this stuff actually did *squeak* it wasn’t pleasant to knit with, but I got used to it — plus, it’s such a quick pattern that I finished it in less than 1 day. I think I want to check my acrylic stash & maybe use this pattern as a blanket — I’d need bigger needles, though — this cozy is a bit…stiff? lol

housewarming gift 1
Look! I finally knit a ballband dishcloth…and loved it! It took me an entire pattern repeat before I “got it,” but after that, I was off. This was a wee housewarming gift for a friend in my knitting group. The basket looks pathetically empty…what can I say? I ran out of time, lol.

housewarming gift 2

After much putting off, I finally tried out the library in the next town that my friend has been bugging me to visit. Turns out it’s a wonderful place, very young child friendly…and they have a different knitting section! lol I checked out a couple “Knit Lit” books (which have moved me both to tears, and to bouts of snorting laughter), and also “25 Beaded Knits” where I found this blanket:

blanket - 25 beaded knits
I don’t know that I’ll ever knit the exact blanket, but I love the color play & the squares combination & don’t want to forget it!

I have several projects going on right now (4 within arms reach), but not many photos — I keep forgetting to take pics…so I’ll update you later on those. I now intend to flood you with cute kid(s) pics. Feel free to skip to the random links at the end for knitterly links. 😉

ian at home
Ian chillin’ on the…dining room floor?! The boys took this picture;

and I took this one

aiden long hair

before Aiden’s haircut

olivias bday 6

after Aiden’s haircut. The bangs came out pretty bad (badly?), but otherwise it’s okay. He likes it, and it doesn’t look so dirty/unkempt…but I miss the shaggy do! Ah well, he likes it (which is a miracle), so we’re good.

Even Spencer got his bangs cut

spencer & truck

though he almost didn’t. Luckily, he *thinks* he can negotiate. I said “please, can mama make just 5 snips?” he responded with, “NO! [insert image of hand being held over head here] TEN cuts!” lol. I think it took 4 — we just wanted his hair out of his eyes, really.

Can I just say that I adore this photo? Or maybe it’s the outfit? White t-shirts are so cute on little boys (I know, you’re laughing, and I know, you’re right — see the big brown stain in the middle of it?)…especially if they’re with jeans. I’m going to have to keep my eyes open for more yard sale ones, so my pocketbook doesn’t suffer!

I snapped this shot a few days ago…cute, aren’t they? I always wanted to have a dress-up chest for my kids…I’m glad to see they enjoy it!

…I think you’ve all been spared — I just lost over 1/2 dozen “random links,” more pictures, and more chatter. Ugh — some days! 😉 Talk to you all again, soon.


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