I may have created sock monsters…

harry potter sock 1 done

This is 1/2 of (one of my) sister’s birthday present (Harry Potter Opal colorway – Ron). I may have made a mistake when I brought up to our family reunion to custom fit the length, though. Her gushing about the comfort caused my Mom to try it on…and I noticed a gleam in my Grandma’s eye…I think I might have to get crackin’ on the sock knitting!

As soon as I finish some other things, of course…like the first of my five Christmas stockings; this was supposed to be finished in July — and can I just say…stranded knitting across a 16 stitch pattern SUCKS! I’ve reknit this half of the argyle portion no less than 5 times. Ugh! Still love the pattern, though — this will just be the “product” knitting portion, rather than the “process” knitting portion.

ian's stocking

Sorry about the lousy pic! My camera doesn’t always play nice (I’m sure a certain 3 boys dropping it way too often has nothing to do with that!). But hey, they’re cute, aren’t they?

spencer & rowan 4

Okay, so the one on the left doesn’t belong to me, but the pic was too cute to pass up! My friend and I realized we both needed to stop at the grocery store on the way home from the yarn shoppe (where, I am sad to say, I bought nothing…), so we decided to make it a joint trip as well. The boys had such a great time, the giggles & squeals drew smiles from patrons all over the store — and great big ones from their two mamas — I hope they keep getting on together so well!

I’ve a couple more projects, but only one more that I can show right now — it’s a diaper soaker (cover).

audra's soaker

Thanks to Facebook, I’m getting the chance to chat with high school classmates, and discovering neat things I have in common with some of them. Among other “crunchy” leanings, this old friend had a homebirth with her little one and is now making the switch to cloth diapers. I was telling her about wool & before I could say “boo” was volunteering to knit her a few covers — it’s been a while since I’ve made one, and I’m loving the ease of it — yummy Briar Rose yarn, 16inch circs and a pattern I’ve pretty much memorized…zoommm.

Did I mention how pretty & yummy the yarn is? The next time I’m shopping for sweater yarn, it will be at Briar Rose — the last time I ordered from there they were super friendly and also answered the phone after hours (I thought it would go to voice mail!). I know there’s beautiful dyed yarn to be found out there, but this Michigan based company’s is some of the best I’ve seen (Malabrigo and 100purewool come to mind, although the latter doesn’t always deliver the colors they advertise).

I’ll leave you all with the random links that WordPress ate the other day…

Knitting links: I’m still in love with Netherfield — I really hope I get the chance to knit it soon. If you peruse Twist Collective you’ll doubtless find many more fabulous (very knittable AND wearable garments) items. I just came across a ravelry member who knit the Sylvi coat cables onto an afghan — gorgeous! Speaking of gorgeous knit coats, the Interweave Knits fall preview is up! And if you live in the New Jersey area, you are very, very lucky! A traveling yarn shop…can you imagine?! Be still my heart!

This may be a duplicate link from months ago, but I forgot to add it to my blogroll so I thought I’d give it another shout out. Norah Gaughan is one of my top 5 favorite designers — which is quickly making Berroco a company whose designs I drool over the way the Mason-Dixon girls do Rowan. I may have to move this next designer into the running, though — I stumbled upon her while researching KnitPicks new City Tweed. I wanted to make sure the yarn was hardy enough to use as one of the diaper covers for my friend, and found this amazing, squishy, cabl-icious cowl…I’ve already plotted how I’m going to manage to buy the yarn to make myself one when I order the yarn for my friend! I’ve learned that when I like one pattern by a designer, to look at the other patterns, so I was delighted (but not surprised) to find a few other great pieces. Yesterday, a funky, fun purse/bag, and two other great patterns for purses.

Non-knitting links
: I only have a few tonight. The first is one my LLL leader forwarded on to me — a “breastfeeding” baby doll. The concept is great, of course, but I’m a bit puzzled about the necessity of the halter for the “mommy” to wear with flowers on it (in place of nipples). Why can’t the girl just use her own (gasp) nipples to pretend to feed the baby? It’s a bit like handing a girl a fake foot to put her dress-up shoes on… Really I think it just reinforces that breasts are for sex and shouldn’t be messed with (even to practice/pretend about what they’re REALLY for). Unfortunate.

Last (no really, I will stop! lol), I stumbled upon the official site for Janet Evanovich — it’s just as clever and fun as you would expect! I realized that I haven’t read the newest book so I’ll have to see if I can get it from the library tomorrow. Of course that reminds me that Diana Gabaldon‘s latest book will be here in just 7 short weeks!!

Okay, really, I’m done! Back to knitting!


One thought on “I may have created sock monsters…

  1. Oh, I know what you mean about the “gleam” in your granny’s eye! Last year I made some Turkish socks for my dad for Christmas and suddenly EVERYONE is hinting at how beautiful that Turkish pattern would be peeking out from their birkies, too.

    I agree with you on the doll – it does seem to send mixed messages. i don’t think my daughters would ever have thought of needing “grown up” looking boob to nurse their dollies – and my 14 month-old son loves to nurse his stuffed wolf – not the least bit concerned that 1)he’s a boy with no mama boobs and 2)he’s breastfeeding a non-human toy. He signs “nurse nurse” and while saying “woof woof”.

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