It’s almost gone!

Where has the summer gone? We are fast approaching our last week of summer, and I’m still wondering where all the time went!

We’ve had some fun, so it isn’t terrible, but…wow! How quickly these Michigan summers go – you would think I’d be used to it by now. My favorite summer trip was last weekend — the annual family camping trip with all 5 of my siblings, our mother & her husband, and all of our husbands & kids — we numbered 20 in all, this year. I forgot to take many pictures, again, but I pulled out the camera during our afternoon on the beach in Frankfort. This is some of my favorite beach weather — cloudy with a breeze, but not cold…perhaps Michigan is the perfect state for me, after all! 😉

camping 11

camping 10
Aiden (those are temporary tattoos on his head)

camping 12

camping 6
Harry Potter sock (see the lighthouses in the background?)

camping 7
My flip-flops (Ian did this & I thought it looked pretty cool! It’s currently my Ravatar) 😉

It truly warms my heart that my sons are growing up enjoying camping in the same places I did growing up. 🙂


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