Busy, busy bee!

I’m proud to announce that I finished all 3 birthday presents BEFORE the party this time…but less than proud to admit that the blankets were meant to be last year’s presents — last year was “the year of the blanket” for my nieces/nephews/second cousin…I finished 4 of the 6, but crapped out on these last two!

haley's blanket
for my 2 year old niece

Mikey's blanket 1

Mikey's blanket 2
Notice the crazy crooked trim? That’s to make the ridiculously uneven squares look purposeful. I have NO idea what happened here — I must have had one too many glasses of wine when cutting these squares last year! But it ended up fun in the end, & I’m sure my 6 year old niece will like it. It’s crazy & BRIGHT — just like she is, lol.

Alleysha's Harry Potter socks finished
Here are my sister’s socks — she loves Harry Potter…and is turning 21 — maybe I should have made her HP beer cozies? lol

Just a couple random links — we have a triple birthday party to attend in about 13 hours! Twist Collective‘s fall issue is live (and beautiful, as always), and here is a hilarious cosplayer outfit my husband came across in his online ramblings…g’night!


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