…as if no time has passed…

…and I’ve been blogging all along! 😉

I’m not sure why I’m back at my blog, but why not? I think I was inspired by my friend’s comment that she is starting “100 days of knitting.” If I had told 7-years-ago me that I would be knitting as infrequently as I have been for the last year or two, she’d have laughed.  It’s true though. Instead of dealing with my stress, I’ve been using crutches to hide from it.  I’m hoping that getting back to knitting will re-introduce some more mindfulness in my life. Posting a quick snippet on my blog may help as well.

We’ll see…


…in the meantime, meet the beginning of my toe-up knee socks (to-be).



3 thoughts on “…as if no time has passed…

  1. YAY!!! I can’t tell you how happy this makes me! I was thinking of firing up my knitting blog again too, because I have a lot of stuff I’m working on right now, mostly for other people. I think the 100 days will be fun and I’m happy you’re doing it with me! I went a chunk of time without knitting much too and I’m really happy to be getting back to it. Love you!!!

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