and still it grows!

No picture tonight — you’ll have to believe me when I say the sock is about 3 inches longer than it was before. I did get my snow day and used it well — sitting around & relaxing, after sleeping (amid many interruptions from children) until after noon! Some days I wonder if I will ever not be tired and overwhelmed — I’m counting the days until my youngest is out of elementary school, and the huge load of volunteer work I signed up for goes away. It’s a little funny to me that (until a few days ago,) the last time I wrote on this blog was at least 3 years before he was even IN school.

So many things have changed in the last 8 years — getting involved in cub scouts, then the PTO, then getting a job with my children’s school. I spent a year working in a yarn shop, and am now back at their school. I love being there, but resent the situation a bit as it’s yet another time suck — especially because it’s very easy to feel obligated to work extra hours (for no pay, of course).

Really it comes down to 1 1/2 more years until my life is (closer to being) my own, again. I don’t regret the things I’m doing/have done, but I see the loss of time, and how I, my home, and sometimes my family have suffered. It is a sobering reality to see that there are truly no perfect answers. ¬†With every situation comes both pro and con, and the best we can do is find what we can live with and find the most happiness from.

With that bit of 1am philosophy, I’ll leave you with an image I found on the page that inspired my friend Liz and I to begin our own personal 100 days of knitting:


Here is a link to the 100 days project (which I’m not following very well in anything except name):¬†