Work Work Work

Not on the sock, unfortunately. Today, volunteer & work-life called.  A morning of rowdy kindergarteners was followed by an afternoon of trying to guard against a broken heart as child after child sat with me to do their math & I watched them struggle — little 7 and 8 year old boys and girls with learning disabilities, attention disorders, and others showing all the signs of homes filled with neglect. I cannot even express how guilty I felt, walking out of that room after 45 minutes and actually feeling relief that my day isn’t filled with that heartache all the time. I don’t know how teachers do it, really.

Next was a few hours of catching up on some volunteer work (Battle of the Books…SO COOL), grabbing dinner and then heading out to a monthly scout meeting for volunteers.  I came home in time to grab makings for tomorrow’s dinner (thank God for crockpots), then read to my boys (who would have thought that at almost 14, 12 & 10 they still want me to read to them every night!).  Now I’ve tossed a load of laundry in, lurked on facebook and returned a few emails.  I think I’m going to take a stab at that “sleeping reasonable hours” thing and crash earlier than normal. Usually this creates a super-duper-tired-and-groggy effect the next day, but maybe…*maybe* I’ll get lucky?  In any case, I have to wake up 20 minutes early to prep the crock pot meal, so no sleeping in until the last minute for me, tomorrow!

Day#4 of knitting — just 1 round on my sock — so I can say I knit, today.


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