I’m not planning any trips to D.C., but I know some are. Why not send a few hats along, right?  This is some mystery acrylic blend that is super bulky. Actually, it’s some sort of novelty ribbon yarn that is meant to be spread out so you can knit through the holes but…well, meh. I bought the yarn from a clearance “mill ends” bin at Joann’s a while ago with thoughts of making something for one of my nieces. I suppose I still am, in a way, right?

Back to the sock in a couple days. This hat only takes a few hours on size 15’s. I actually knit it twice today — the first time it was too big, so I ripped it. This time it was almost too small, but as you can see, it’s *just* stretchy enough! 🙂

Day#5 of knitting, done.


One thought on “Meow!

  1. Very cute! I need to make a couple. I bought some pink yarn from Twisted Warp and Skeins the other day. Plus they gave me a big ball on the house! I should really get going on this because they need them soon…

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