Knits and Thoughts


2 weeks of knitting straight! I’m high enough on my calf that I’m going to introduce some conservative increases. Wish me luck as my ratio is based on 1am math… ūüėČ

Some days I knit for hours throughout the day and evening (the up-side to attending the never-ending children’s events), others less so. A few days ago I literally knit only a dozen stitches, just to make sure I knit that day. It doesn’t matter, it is making me feel better, giving me the feeling that I have a bit more of a handle on my own life. ¬†It amazes me that I can feel so trapped or cornered with all my responsibilities. Responsibilities that *I* chose. ¬†I wonder how much of our frustration with our lives stems from our own perceptions of how those lives “must” proceed. ¬†And having typed that, I feel like I should follow it up with “duh, of COURSE that is true!”

So how does that relate to our outrage when others try to restrict us and our choices? ¬†I’m not sure, but I feel enough outrage that I’ve moved from knitting hats to participating to the local Women’s Sister March in my town, today. ¬†All it took was another woman asking if I was planning to go, and I realized that I couldn’t say no. ¬†Because why wouldn’t my own rights be important enough to spend a couple hours taking a stand for?

I have no interest in arguing about whether or not our President is a horrible man, or whether or not abortion should be legal (2 of the most contentious points, lately). I will just say that women are under attack and sometimes (not only those in power, but) everyone needs a reminder that we have a right to the same liberties as men.

I am heartened in the fact that today my Facebook newsfeed shows picture after picture of women (and male supporters as well!) all over the globe collecting to march and rally. ¬†Yesterday my newsfeed was full of arguments — both reasonable and ridiculous, but today…today I see so much unity that it makes me teary eyed.

Love to you all! ‚̧