I’m a 38 year old Momma of 3 boys, married to one computer-gaming obsessed man.  Check back often to read about my adventures in parenting my (dear God are they really) teen and almost teenage boys, along with lovely knits and whatever else happens to come into my head (cub scouts…there will surely be cub scouts!).


6 thoughts on “About

  1. :0 Hiyas lady :0

    thanks for includin me in your bloggity blog blog.

    nice shirt tims…..

    gosh i hope we can make it to your side of the planet soon…

  2. Hi, sorry for the late response to your question about alpaca socks durability. I figured I needed to wear them for a while to be able to tell, and now I can safely say that Drops alpaca isn’t the best yarn for socks. I love the socks, but before I wear them again I need to fix the heels who are now delicate little lacey webs. I’m really disappointed since yarn shop people have told me alpaca is so strong it should be great for socks. Maybe for indoor cozy socks, but not socks to wear in shoes/boots.

  3. I just stumbled upon you from a link on A Friend to Knit with. I live here in Pittsburgh, but I immediately recognized the Frankfort lighthouse in your photo. We’ve been vacationing in Frankfort every summer since I was born (a LONG time ago..) and it is my favorite place in the WORLD. My daughter now goes to U of M in Ann Arbor. I always say it’s her Michigan blood from all of our travels up there..
    Are you from Michigan?

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